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Capital Equipment Suppliers

As suppliers of capital equipment in the UK, it is vital that you have a finance facility to go hand in hand with your product range. 89% of all equipment sold to businesses within the UK is financed externally.

Every business is cash flow motivated and through leasing your customer acquires the asset they need today at a budgeted cost over their chosen term. For you and your sales team to introduce Lease or Lease Purchase within the sales process, you can alleviate capital cost objections and capital expenditure ‘problems’ for businesses large and small.

Customers are often surprised by how little it can cost to have your equipment today on a monthly or quarterly basis. That’s why your sales team should be fully equipped with a sales aid package that’s flexible, low cost and can be quickly put in place

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If leasing is not suggested to the customer you may never know how much business it has cost you.

If You Sell Equipment you need:

  • A reliable finance company with a professional approach to Lease and Lease Purchase for your customers.
  • An immediate response to your call to obtain all the necessary information relating to your customer and the equipment required.
  • Fast decisions giving you the chance to sell within hours
  • All documentation is completed by First County Finance, with the signing of the customer when required.
  • Rapid payment to you with First County Finance doing all the paperwork. All we need is your invoice!
  • To sell more maintenance or warranty with your product by offering an all-inclusive payment on Contract Rental.

A reliable and Pragmatic approach to leasing means we can arrange leasing on almost anything

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